Personalized Medicine for Health in European Research
23rd October 2019

Dear Participants!

Thank you all very much for visiting Gliwice and taking part in our meeting. We hope you met interesting people, found prospective partners, as well as had a good time.

Please see below the list of the presentations given at the meeting. We hope they will be useful in making a decision that just might change your and our future for the better.

If you have any questions or requests connected to the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to stay in touch in see you back in Gliwice at the next meeting.

It is our greatest pleasure to invite you to participate in an international partnering event „Personalized Medicine for Health in European Research.” Our goal is to exchange experiences and knowledge and present it to the European Commision, as well as learn from one another. We believe there is yet a great amount of potential to be discovered and fully reached in EU and in our region. We aim to hear from our European neighbours who have already stared their projects and those who are still in the conceptual phase and are looking for partners. We want to use this as an opportunity to signalise to the European Commission what are the needs and strengths of our part of Europe. The meeting is a grassroots initiative, therefore we are relying on your interest to make it as impactful as possible. We hope this international partnering event will be a step to find new partners and build new consortia. 

So far the following institutions have decided to participate in the meeting:

  • Silesian University of Technology
  • Maria Sklodowska-Curie Institute-Oncology Center, Warsaw
  • ODCZYNNIKI Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
  • Gdansk University of Technology
  • University of Silesia in Katowice
  • Warsaw Genomics
  • Saventic Health Sp. z o. o.
  • Revolve – Software House
  • University Hospital in Pilsen
  • VSB – Technical university of Ostrava
  • Opole Voivodeship Marshal’s Office
  • Bulgarian Society for Personalized medicine
  • Praxi Network
  • Silesian Center for Heart Diseases
  • SDS Optic
  • Loschmidt Labs – International Clinical Research Center St. Anne’s University Hospital in Brno
  • WPD Pharmaceuticals Sp. z o.o.
  • Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
  • Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Fundacja Onkologia 2025
  • Revelva Concept
  • Institute of Innovative Economy
  • IQVIA RDS Sp z o.o., Angels Initiative
  • Pharmeca a.s.
  • Klaster LifeScience Krakow
  • RCPE GmbH
  • Sumy State University
  • GOLEM Integrated Microelectronics Solutions GMBH
  • Association for Sustainable Innovative Development in Economics, Environment and Society (ASIDEES)
  • National Information Processing Institute
  • The National Information Processing Institute (OPI PIB)
  • Hayat Kimya A.S.
  • Mossakowski Medical Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Medical University – Sofia
  • Laboratory of Neuroacoustics – Technical University of Madrid
  • Cybermedics
  • Vilniaus University Hospital Žalgirio Clinic
  • Kırıkkale University
  • Future Processing Sp. z o.o.
  • Łukasiewicz – Pharmaceutical Research Institute
  • Analityk Genetyka Sp z o.o. Sp.k

Please note the amount of participants is limited.


  1. Utilization of Big Data in Healthcare (data sharing / complex chronic conditions)
  2. Utilization of AI in Healthcare (Big Data analysis / smart living environments / AI supported image analysis)
  3. Personalized medicine

Topics in Horizon 2020 SC1 Health, demographic changes and wellbeing:

  • SC1-BHC-06-2020
  • SC1-BHC-17-2020
  • SC1-HCC-10-2020
  • SC1-DTH-02-2020
  • SC1-DTH-04-2020
  • SC1-DTH-12-2020
  • DT-TDS-04-2020
  • DT-TDS-05-2020

Why participate:

  • Present your innovative project idea or/and your competence, to an international audience and discover other participants’ solutions and technologies
  • Meet potential partners from Europe and beyond and start new collaboration or consortium
  • Utilize the extensive knowledge of the other participants and get all the information you might need to create a successful project.
  • Get all the information needed for the upcoming Horizon 2020 calls in the „Health, Demographic change and Wellbeing” work programme

Target audience

Any applicant eligible to Horizon 2020 calls: Companies, universities, research and technology organizations, public sector, NGOs and patients associations…

Participate in:

  • Opening Session
  • Flash Presentations (3-5 min.)
  • Networking Lunch

Personalized Medicine for Health in European Research

23 October 2019
Maria Sklodowska-Curie Institute – Oncology Center, Gliwice Branch
ul. Wybrzeże Armii Krajowej 15
44-101 Gliwice


9:00 – 10:00 Registration and welcome coffee
10:00 – 10:40 Welcome address – prof. dr hab. n. med. Krzysztof Składowski

Key-note lecture: Are clinical trials a road to heaven – personalized radiooncology? – prof. dr hab. n. med. Bogusław Maciejewski
10:40 – 11:00 Support of Contact Points Network and Enterprise Europe Network
11:00 – 11:45 Last calls in HEALTH in HORIZON 2020 and an overview of health issues in HORIZONE EUROPE – a Representative of the European Commission
11:45 – 12:15 Coffee break / Networking
12:15 – 14:00 Flash presentations
14:00 – 15:00 Networking lunch
15:00 Visiting the Oncology Center

Participation is free of charge. Please use the form below for registration. In the section COMMENTS please put all the details regarding your flash presentation if you choose to have one.

Please note the AGENDA might slightly change. More information at an early date.




Maria Skłodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology, Gliwice Branch.

The Institute in Gliwice employs around 1700 people and consists of 15 departments and 6 hospital wards, such as:

  • The Department of Radiotherapy, which is the European (Varian) Reference Center for Education (radiotherapy), is one of the best equipped department of its kind in Europe. There are 11 linacs working constantly and irradiating 500-600 patients daily. Our accelerators are the most advanced on the market, including but not limited to EDGE (Varian) and CyberKnife M6 (Accuray). The Director of the branch serves as the current national consultant for oncological radiotherapy. Interestingly enough the Department has recently started symptomatic treatment of the Parkinson’s disease utilizing the radiosurgery (CyberKnife).
  • The Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation and Hematooncology. Cooperation with other departments of the Institute of Oncology allows for application of total body irradiation, total marrow irradiation, as well as other personalized radiotherapeutic techniques combined with high-dose chemotherapy.  Broad diagnostic tools, including PET, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and molecular methods, are available on-site. Patients from all over the country (from around 34 facilities) are referred to us for bone transplantation. We collect the hematopoietic stem cells from donors from virtually all over the world. We have opened in our facility an apheresis laboratory. In 2018 we have conducted in Gliwice a total of 233 bone marrow transplantations (Auto, Allo, URD and Haplo).
  • The Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery Departament comprises of a group of highly trained surgeons who have been educated in the best centres all over the world and implement that knowledge here into their daily and experimental work. The site is most famous for two procedures conducted in recent years. The face transplant was the first of its kind in the world done to save a life. It was conducted on the 15th of May 2013 and lasted 27 hours. The transplant of the neck organs conducted on the 16th of April 2015 was the third one of its kind in the world, but the first so extensive and it lasted 17 hours.
  • Centre for Translation Research and Molecular Biology of Cancer – Scientific research conducted by the Centre focuses on the molecular biology of cancer and the translation of research results into clinical practice. General objectives of the Centre cover new methods of molecular diagnostics and experimental anticancer therapies.

It is worth mentioning that we poses our own cyclotron which streamlines and simplifies the logistics of the diagnostic process. At the time we are capable of producing isotopes fluorine 18, carbon 11 and iodine 124. However, we are able to produce virtually any isotope utilized in PET. Given the opportunity we can also produce isotopes for experimental and commercial purposes. Furthermore, for more than six years we have been an approved Sister Institution of the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, USA.

Practical information

Contact: Tomasz Narodowski – – +48 (32) 278 86 59
Andrzej Szczotka – – +48 (32) 278 85 79

Venue of the meeting on the 23th of October  is Oncology Center in Gliwice.

Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute – Oncology Center
ul. Wybrzeże Armii Krajowej 15
44-101 Gliwice

Travelling to and from Gliwice

Airport :
Katowice- Pyrzowice approximately 50 km
Kraków- Balice  approximately 95 km
Ostrava- Mošnov  approximately 100 km

Hotels in Gliwice

Hotel Hotel Diament EconomyHotel Diament Plaza Hotel SilVia Gold
Room BB 53  € 110 € 108 €
contact e-mail
contact telephone +48 (32) 231 18 21 +48 (32) 721 70 00 +48 (32) 70 11 200
Transport: Hotel-Oncology Center On foot: 13 min/1,1km
Car: 4 min
Taxi : 2-3 €
Uber: 2-3 €
On foot:12min/950m
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Hotel Qubus Hotel Hotel Malinowski
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